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User Friendly

If you are like us, you’d like to have a website that you can easily update on your own. You may have had some prior experience with building and maintaining your own website, perhaps being frustrated with getting everything to look just right.

Your Needs:
  • You’d like to have a designer build you a website and hand you the keys to it, given some instructions and set free.
  • You want to get away from having to call a designer every time you want something added to your site, be it an image, some updated information or just a simple “what’s new” message.
  • You’d like to be instructed on how to run your website in simple, easy to understand terms so you can learn at your own pace, in any place of your choosing.

    Our Solution:

  • Your new website will come with a series of video tutorials teaching you how to work on your site yourself
  • Your new website will have an easy to understand back-end user interface. With some basic knowledge you will be able to make these small changes yourself.
  • We are always available to work on your site and will gladly record video tutorials to provide instructions as needed.




Search Engine Optimized

Your website will be seen by both people and search engines. Both need to be adequately satisfied.

The site needs to look good, modern and up to date so the user is satisfied. The structure of the code i the background needs to be tidy and organized so the search engines are satisfied.

Many web designers take care when focusing on the aesthetic appeal of the website while overlooking these other important elements.

Factors like proper use of keywords, search engine optimization and duplicate content management which do not always get addressed by others will get their full deserved attention with us.

Simply having a website online is not enough, you want people to be able to find you and your business when they perform a web search with Google, Yahoo or Bing. The days of just putting up a website simply because “you probably should” are gone! It’s now time to attract people who are searching for someone like you or your business and turn them into customers.

Shoulder Mount Media can help you understand how a properly optimized website is the best form of advertising there is! You pay for the site once and never have to worry about having to pay to advertise ever again, because your website will naturally turn up in the organic search results.

We at Shoulder Mount Media understand the true value of a beautiful website that can perform well in the search engines. It is the difference between a business that just gets by versus a business that thrives at its fullest potential. Web surfers are much more savvy to design and function of websites than they have ever been.

Shoulder Mount Media will help you put forth the right image to people who are searching for you, it will make all the difference!

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