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Cory Benge - Founder

Here at Shoulder Mount Media we share your passion for the outdoors and the challenge of the hunt.  Over the years and the many of our own hunting trips we’ve done lots of photography and shot many hours of video, for our own enjoyment.

After much encouragement from friends, acquaintances and clients we’ve decided to offer our videography and photography services to others so that they may have some tangible memories of their hunts.  We all love to tell the tale of the hunt, having pictures and video not only allows you to better share your memories with your friends and family, but usually makes for a whole lot of laughs as you relive your days in the field.

Many clients also find that watching themselves on video helps them become better hunters.  Watching one’s own technique on video can be very revealing.  How you handle your weapon, whether you seem at ease or tense and how you generally handle yourself in the field is all captured.  Clients very much enjoy watching their videos time and time again and often think “Huh.  I never realized I did that”.

On the lookout

Our experience with both hunting and shooting in the field ensures that we will not interfere with your hunt in any way.  We will not spook the animals, we will not be making unnecessary noise, breaking your concentration, compromising safety or in any way be underfoot.  We are there to enhance your hunt experience and are dedicated to your ultimate goals for the hunt, be it simply a great time outdoors or that ultimate prize!

We are confident your experience with us in the field will be a memorable one.  We are always ready for the next challenge!

Simply put, you get the shot, we get the shot!

We work closely with many outfitters and can help you put together the hunt of a lifetime.  Whether you want to hunt in the American Midwest, up in the Canadian wilderness, out on the plains of Africa or on some distant Himalayan peaks, we can help you get where you want to be.

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