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Advertising your business is now less expensive than ever.  It’s hard to beat a first page of Google search engine position, as this is the place where your potential customers are likely to start their search for you.

Search engines are getting smarter and are constantly changing their algorithms.  They are putting much more weight on your presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.  Search engines consider this the new “word of mouth” advertising and the more people are talking about you and interacting with you on these networks the more credibility they give you, which will naturally push your site up the search results.  Backlinks to your site have always been important factors to help search engine placement and backlinks from these sites are now some of the best you can get.

It seems the little Shoulder_Mount_Media_Facebook_Like button has become very important!

Other than leveraging these networks for increasing your search placement, consider the fact that your customers are also on these networks.  They are posting things of interest, recommending stuff to their friends and joking around about life.  These networks allow you to interact with your customer base more than ever before and not just about business.

One of the key things to understand about this new marketing is that people are attracted to other people, not other businesses.  They are more likely to buy a product or service from a real person versus a slick business.  So you have to make sure that you’re portraying your business in a very humanistic way.  Interacting with your customers on a personal level makes them connect with you better.  You like the same things, you joke around with each other about the mundane or funny things we all post, in short, you reach them better.

There are, however, right and wrong ways to utilize these networks for business and promotional purposes.  Shoulder Mount Media can help you understand some of the dynamics of these networks and help you make sure that you’re utilizing them properly and effectively.  If you feel daunted by the prospect of it all, rest assures we will do our best to organize your efforts and help you begin to enjoy the whole process.

We can run this aspect of your marketing on a monthly basis, drop us a line and we’ll discuss your specific situation.


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